Welcome to Palatine Paints

For over 65 years the Palatine brand has been manufactured at our site in Leigh, Lancashire. As a small, nimble and decisive company we have been able to satisfy our customers’ needs year after year ensuring a well established customer base that has gained loyalty, trust and great working relationships that stretch back decades. Whether it be to the commercial, industrial or domestic market, palatine paints stands proud and with pride as an independent British paint manufacturer. We are the number one choice for a wide variety of paints and accompanying equipment, with nationwide delivery on items purchased from our online shop.

With our own in house chemists we have produced a wide range of coatings that we feel gives excellent choice and versatility to all our customers, as well as embracing branded products such as Leyland and Johnstone’s paints and Barretine wood treatments, whilst offering our customers the very best service we can.Please feel free to contact our friendly staff for any painting requirement you may have.
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Leyland trade from Palatine Paints, we manufacture and supply a range of different wood, agricultural and industrial paints across Manchester and Liverpool. We stock all the most established brands and we also manufacture our own excellent products. Visit our online shop today for wood, industrial and agricultural paint.
Hammerite paint from Palatine Industrial paints. Quality manufacturers and suppliers of industrial, wood and agricultural paint across Manchester and Liverpool.
Palatine's range includes Barrettine top quality paint, we are the number one choice for industrial, agricultural and industrial paint across Liverpool and Manchester.
Johnstone's heavy duty paint from Palatine paints, manufacturers and suppliers of paints and accessories such as rollers and brushes. Visit our online shop today.
Ronseal paint from Palatine Paints, industrial and agricultural paints across Manchester and Liverpool